Screw-Retained Crowns
  • - Eliminate cement problems around implants and retrieve your restoration with ease
  • - Screw-retained crowns seat quickly and precisely so you can move on to your next patient
  • - CAD/CAM fabrication ensures esthetic gingival margins and a natural emergence profile
  • - Requires minimal interocclusal space
Custom Abutments
  • - Situates margins at or just below gingival surface to ease crown delivery and cement cleanup
  • - Creates a natural emergence profile and optimizes soft-tissue contours
  • - Available in titanium, gold-tone titanium, zirconia with titanium base, and gold alloy
  • - NEW milled grooves for improved crown retention
Implant Crowns & Bridges
  • - Optimized combination of strength and translucency
  • - Lifelike vitality, engineered for the anterior
  • - Enhanced shade matching for predictable results
BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis
  • - Designed and milled with the latest CAD/CAM technology for a precise fit and optimal contours
  • - Our expertise in implants and digital fabrication helps ensure a predictable result, esthetic gingival margins and a natural emergence profile
  • - Wide array of high-strength, esthetic restorative options
BruxZir® Esthetic Implant Prosthesis
  • - Constructed from 100% monolithic zirconia
  • - Unprecedented combination of premium esthetics and strength
  • - Optimized translucency and exceptional gingival anatomy
  • - Includes provisional implant prosthesis
Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture
  • - CAD/CAM-milled titanium framework for a precise fit
  • - Fixed full-arch restorative option
  • - All-inclusive pricing with no hidden costs
  • - Highly functional with lifelike esthetics
Implant Overdentures
  • - Implant-retention stabilizes denture
  • - Customized prosthetic design ensures precise fit
  • - Improved functionality with lifelike esthetics
  • - Predictable implant lab fees and no hidden costs
Hahn™ Tapered Implant System
  • - Clinically proven — 99.2% survival rate and less than 0.2 mm average bone loss in two-year study
  • - Safe and efficient — Simplified surgical protocol with length-specific drills
  • - Precise control — Pronounced thread pattern to engage bone where directed
  • - High primary stability — Tapered body and buttress threads to maximize immediate load opportunities
Hahn™ Tapered Implant Guided Surgery System
  • - Streamlined, easy-to-follow surgical protocol — The Hahn Guided Surgical Kit includes a straightforward, user-friendly drilling sequence
  • - Simplified instrumentation — Drills include built-in depth stops and diameter-specific sizes that eliminate the need for guide keys or handles
  • - All-in-one kit — Fully guided from start to finish, with a single kit for 3.0, 3.5, 4.3 and 5.0 mm Hahn Tapered Implants
Inclusive® Mini Implant System
  • - Competitively priced mini dental implants
  • - Minimally invasive surgical protocol
  • - FDA-approved for long-term treatment
Inclusive® Prosthetic Components
  • - High-quality, low-cost prosthetic components
  • - Complete line to serve any prosthetic protocol
  • - Compatible with most major implant systems
  • - Uniform pricing regardless of system
Newport Surgical™ Bone Grafting Solutions
  • - Streamlines the bone grafting process by giving you just the tools you need — nothing more
  • - Bone grafting materials, instruments, membranes and wound dressing, all from a single convenient supplier
  • - FDA-cleared and naturally sourced
Surgical Guides with Digital Treatment Planning
  • - Place implants with maximum precision, safety and predictability
  • - Our dental lab expertise ensures restorative-driven implant positioning and a functional, esthetic outcome
  • - Complete data conversion without extra fees
  • - Attain the best imaginable result with as little discomfort for the patient as possible
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